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Welding Salary in Colorado | Employment Solutions | (877) 880-4473Many factors affect how much of a salary you can expect to receive as a pipe welder. These factors range from length of time in the trade to the type of welding you will be performing. To accurately assess how much you might earn as a pipe welder, you must consider how these determinants will alter your salary:

  • Geographic region: A typical pipe welder’s salary is largely based on where you live. In Texas, a pipe welder will earn around $55,000 in Texas, whereas in Colorado the salary is closer to $40,000.
  • Type of welding performed: For example, an industrial pipe welder makes significantly more than a TIG pipe welder, regardless of where you live.
  • Length of time working as a pipe welder: As with most trades, the longer you work in the industry, the more you make. A pipe welder that has 20 years’ experience will earn $10-20 per hour more than an entry level pipe welder, depending on where you live.
  • Licensure as a journeyman: Obtaining licensure as a pipe welder journeyman can increase your salary by anywhere from 5-10% or more.
  • Additional skills: If you have gained the skillset to perform work as a pipefitter as well as a pipe welder, you can expect to earn more than a typical pipe welder.
  • Travel: When you are required to travel as part of your job, your rate of pay will increase and generally be based on the length of the job contract.

Pipe Welders and Employment Solutions

Searching the currently available positions in your area is a good place to start when you are trying to establish how much salary you may receive as a pipe welder. Unfortunately, many websites and classified ads do not list many of the jobs that are available. Moreover, it can be a cumbersome chore to conduct a job search on the internet.

At Employment Solutions, our extensive, up-to-date database contains a vast number of positions listed by reliable companies that can simplify your research into typical salaries of a pipe welder. To setup an appointment, contact one of our highly trained employment specialists today by calling us, and allow us to help you with your job search. Call (877) 880-4473 today.