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Welding Safety Tips | CO Welding  JObsBecoming a welder requires the utmost in safety at all times. Anyone planning to enter the field or that is already in the field can follow these 12 tips to improve welding safety on-the-job. Our goal as a Colorado staffing agency is not only finding CO welding jobs for talented welders but we want you to stay safe while enjoying your great career! For more information on welding careers in colorado give us a call today at  (877) 880-4473!

CO Welding Jobs

Stay safe by follow safe practices and our safety tips! These tips include:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the equipment. Every piece of equipment is different despite being similar. You need to read the equipment’s operating manual before starting any job to ensure you follow the guidelines set by the manufacturer.
  2. Button up. Protecting your skin is essential. This means you want to button up completely. Cuffs, pockets and shirts should be buttoned at all times. Loose material can catch sparks, causing burns.
  3. Wear proper clothing. You never want to wear shorts and a t-shirt when welding. Always wear welding jackets, flame-resistant clothing, gloves and the proper eyewear at all times. Even if the material is heavier or hotter, it is worth the added safety it provides.
  4. Boots or leather shoes with a high top offer the best foot protection.
  5. Proper ventilation is a must at all times. Fumes and smoke pose a health risk and can be toxic. Exhaust hoods and respirators may be required on some jobs.
  6. Avoid the light. “Arc flash” can damage the eyes. Always avoid exposure to the flash. Helmets with shields and lens shade work best with OSHA recommendations.
  7. Auto-darkening Helmets. Auto-darkening helmets are recommended and will automatically darken the lens using sensors. These helmets are recommended for avoiding “arc flash.”
  8. Avoid stress injuries. Repetitive tasks, such as snapping the head down to drop the hood of the helmet, can lead to stress injuries. These repetitive tasks should be avoided at all costs.
  9. Clean your workspace. Cluttered workspaces lead to injuries and accidents. Your area should contain all the equipment and tools you need, and nothing
  10. Wire feeders. Proper wire feeders are recommended to add to your personal safety. Boom-mounted wire feeders are optimal because they limit hazards caused by cable clutter.
  11. Fixturing. Always optimize fixturing. A gearbox, for example, removes the need for a chain and hoist, which makes the workplace safer as a result.
  12. Stick and carrot. Employers should make safety a part of daily life in the workplace. Personal rewards for safety, for example, allow employees to have an incentive to work safely at all times.

Following just these 12 tips will increase your safety when welding.

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