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Since 1994, Employment Solutions has been placing skilled welders with Colorado’s top employers. We are the recruiting firm for hundreds of manufacturing, welding and logistics companies throughout Colorado. Our goal is to find you the highest paying job possible with an excellent benefit package that will take your career to the next level. We place employees directly with our client companies at no fee to you.

Companies seeking to fill its workforce with dependable, skilled tradesmen quickly discover that working with Employment Solutions shortens the time to find qualified labor and frees up valuable resources that would otherwise be consumed with the tedious process of sifting through piles of subpar resumes and interviewing ill-equipped applicants. Many highly skilled welders, pipe fitters and fabricators lack the ability to create a thorough resume, which reduces a company’s ability to trim down the applicant pool based on resumes and forces the necessity to hold countless interviews with unqualified prospects. Employment Solutions ensures that its clients receive leads for only those candidates that are well-suited to the available position to save our clients time and money.

By rigorously training our employment specialists and compiling a database filled with current, quality positions and pre-screened candidates, Employment Solutions continues to fulfill its goal of connecting talented candidates with top positions in Colorado. If you are seeking a high paying position in the manufacturing or welding industry, our staffing experts can assist you with securing your dream job. Fill out the contact form and submit your resume today to begin your job search with the help of Employment Solutions.

If you have a manufacturing, welding or logistics company with professional labor needs, we can find you the skilled employees that your competitors lack. Contact our employment specialists today at (877) 880-4473 to discover how the Employment Solutions team can efficiently and effectively pair your company with highly qualified candidates.

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