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MIG Welder


Mig, Tig/Aluminum Welders/Fabricators – 15+ positions currently available

Location: Englewood, CO

Company: NAMJet

Mig, Tig/Aluminum Welder/Fabricator Job Description:

Long-term temp position in an industrial setting producing formed parts of various sizes and shapes from sheet metal stock and welding assemblies from fabricated components per specifications using a combination of MIG, TIG & Arc welding techniques on a variety of materials.

Job Requirements:

  • Attend safety orientation lasting up to one hour
  • Satisfactorily pass welding test, such as spray arch and welding of various materials of different sizes
  • Must have steel toed boots, welding mask, apron and welding gloves
  • Read and execute welding symbols, blueprints, layouts, diagrams and work orders to specification for purposes of calculating material requirements, properly shaping/forming metal materials, and proper identification of types of joints and welds required
  • Able to use measuring tools such as squares, calipers, rulers and tape measures to provide accurate measurements per specific print and drawing tolerances
  • Measure, mark and scribe dimensions and reference points on material as guides for manufacturing operations
  • Safely operate equipment used in welding and metal fabricating, such as oxy fuel equipment, band saws, grinders break, shears, rolls, drill press, chop saw
  • Properly set up and maintain welding equipment to include changing wire and gas
  • Position and clamp work pieces together or assemble them in a jig or fixture using templates, stops or guides
  • Able to fit up and tack weld sub-assemblies without guidance
  • Stainless steel and aluminum fabrication skills required, such as cutting, bending and shaping using shears, brakes, presses, rolls and iron workers; grinding and cleaning of weld joints and work pieces; and deburring of parts
  • Heats, forms and dresses metal parts using hand tools, torch or arc welding equipment
  • Ability to monitor welding performance and welding efficiency and consistently produce high quality welds in vertical, horizontal, downwards and upwards positions of varying grades
  • Knowledge and experience with various welding processes such as manual electric arc, metallic inert gas, tungsten inert gas welding for stainless steel and aluminum materials and can successfully heat, form, and dress metal parts using hand tools, torch and arc welding equipment
  • Knowledge of metallurgy, geometry and welding techniques to appropriately determine welding procedures for alternating current, direct current, straight polarity or direct current reverse
  • Select and insert electrodes, filler rods or gas nozzle into holder; connect hoses and cables to obtain proper gas flow, specified amperage, voltage and polarity as outlined by welding chart specifications or type and thickness of material.
  • Connect and adjust regulators to activate and control gas flow and pressure to obtain desired oxy fuel or plasma torch operation.
  • Successful and knowledgeable regulation of wire speed, feed, voltage and amperage settings to produce proper bead size, thickness and penetration
  • Mastery welding processes to avoid overheating, distortion, expansion or shrinkage of welded assemblies

Additional qualities we expect in our employees:

  • Consistent performance and commitment to efficiency by reducing welding times while maintaining quality standards
  • Ability to troubleshoot and consult with supervisor concerning any suspected quality issues prior to inspection
  • Strict adherence to safety protocols and maintaining clean and safe operations by adhering to company mandated rules, safety procedures and regulations
  • Attention to detail in documenting work through job traveler, time sheets, inspection documents, production and quality logs