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Beginner welders often make the mistake of believing that specializing in one or two types of welding is sufficient to secure long-term employment in the welding industry. In today’s technical fields, however, proficiency in multiple methods can be what sets your application apart from others.

Benefits of MIG Welding

There are several compelling reasons why you should know how to use a metal inert gas (MIG) welder- here’s our list:

  1. Overwhelming preference of manufacturing companies to hire highly skilled welders that qualify as combination welders (which are welders that can successfully perform several types of welding with a variety of equipment)
  2. Most common type of welding required in the welding industry
  3. Use in a variety of applications, including for structural welding on buildings, bridges and ships
  4. Faster, easier and cleaner than other types of welding, such as TIG
  5. Versatility in welding different metals and alloys, as well as joining different types of materials together
  6. Tendency to produce visually appealing welds

First and foremost, the commonplace need for experience in MIG welding demands that you not only be familiar with it, but that you have mastered its application. Moreover, MIG knowledge is extremely beneficial for your resume and for your career search now and in the coming years. In fact, holding an MIG certificate can actually drastically affect your pay rate and overall value to any company.

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