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Colorado Welding Jobs | Employment Solutions |  (877) 880-4473In the manufacturing industry, there is a strong demand for fast, efficient welders. Oftentimes, if a welder is fast, a high number of mistakes are made. To become a fast welder that also produces quality products that pass inspection the first time around, you must follow these 3 techniques to solidify your place in the shop as a valuable employee:

  1. Measure twice; cut once. This old adage cannot be stated enough. The majority of welders fall into one of two categories: measure once and risk making “bad cuts” or measure multiple times prior to every cut, which causes a delay in the project. To become a fast, efficient welder that stands out above the rest, it’s best to measure twice to verify you marked your material correctly, and then proceed with the cutting.
  2. Properly prepare your material. Certain types of materials must be clean and free of debris to ensure your welder produces beads that will pass inspection and meet industry codes, such as aluminum. If you do not adequately prepare your material, chances are you will have to grind out the weld or scrap the material and begin again.
  3. Do not move too fast, especially when MIG, Stick or Flux Core welding. It seems that this recommendation is counterproductive to becoming a fast welder, but indeed it is not. If you move too fast, a number of mistakes can occur, such as inadequate penetration, a visually messy weld and/or sagging of the weld.

Welding Careers in Colorado

To become a fast, efficient welder, it will take time and a great deal of practice. Many will tell you that welding is an art that can be mastered, but rarely will be perfect. If you can master welding various types of materials with different welders, you can be among the top welders that are sought after for their precision welding and picture-worthy beads.

If you are in search of a position as welder or interested in learning more about becoming a welder, schedule an appointment with one of Employment Solutions’ expert employment specialists by calling us now. We are here to help you find the path to your dream job, so contact our friendly staff today.