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If you’re seeking a new career or your first career in welding, you might be wondering if the process for getting certified is worth it. Candidates with certificates are actually widely preferred by employers, so it’s typically a worthwhile endeavor for your career.

Getting Your Welding Certificate

While we think it’s generally worth it to get certified, ask yourself the following questions to get a better idea of the best steps for you:

  1. Do you have less than 3 years’ experience as a welder? If so, you should consider obtaining certification as the job market for welders is highly competitive with some job seekers holding a substantial amount of experience in the industry. Holding a certification will largely make up for your lack in experience.
  2. Will you be applying for a specific type of welding job or code welding? There are numerous certifications available, so you must decide which certification will be applicable to the type of welding you will be required to perform for the jobs to which you will apply.
  3. Will your welds be subjected to inspections that include x-raying and bending? If so, certification will be required for those specialized welds, which are scrutinized for adherence to strict specifications.
  4. Will you be working under your particular code during the 6 months following your certification? Generally speaking, if you do not work during the 6 months after being certified, you lose your certification status. Subsequently, it is advisable to plan your certification test as close as possible to when you will be intently focusing on searching for employment.

Since there are so many specific areas and methods for welding, you may consider getting a certificate in a particular technique that may set you apart in the hiring process.

Certified Welders with Employment Solutions

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