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The future of the welding industry is looking better every year. After the manufacturing industry suffered such a big hit from the recession, it is finally beginning to turn around for those seeking employment. In the foreseeable future, it is speculated that positions for welders will be in the following sectors: robotics; home and commercial building; marine; aerospace; and automotive.

Considering that the U.S. manufacturing sector is slowly adding jobs year after year in the hundreds of thousands, it’s proving to be reliable source of employment for those in search of an exciting career, which typically pays higher than the average U.S. job. For instance, welders may seek future employment with the companies that are slowly starting to return from overseas to the U.S. for the manufacturing of products. With this good news comes the prediction that the demand for skilled manufacturers, including welders, will steadily increase.

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As more innovative products are developed, automation and semi-automation will be a source of manufacturing. While welding has its place, welders will face an uphill battle against continued reliance on automation and semi-automation welding, especially in terms of the automotive and technology industries. However, these “robots” require highly skilled combination welders to repair the robots that are completing the tasks once reserved for welders. For companies with a smaller budget, the high cost that comes with purchasing the robotics needed for automation and semi-automation are too high. Therefore, there will continue to be welding positions available in various sized manufacturing companies despite the inclusion of robotics.

Other areas that welders may see an increase in available jobs include the home and commercial building industry, marine industry and aerospace. With increased growth and invention in all of these sectors, welders must continue to improve their craft by seeking educational and hands-on opportunities to expose themselves to the latest techniques, advanced processes and materials.

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