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As with any manufacturing job, there are associated risks with performing work as a welder. To reduce the harmful occurrence of injuries or explosion, you must understand the risks of welding and safeguard yourself and your coworkers by practicing safety measures at all times.

  1. High levels of fumes and gases:  Breathing in harmful fumes and gases during the welding process is a high possibility if there is a lack of proper ventilation. Before welding, always check the ventilation system and exhaust fans in your work area. These fumes and gases can impact your long-term health and hearing from increased levels of exposure.
  2. Dangerous noise levels: In a welding shop, you will be exposed to very loud sounds that can damage your hearing. Be certain to always wear ear plugs that are in good condition or you risk hearing loss.
  3. Chronic pain: The constant bending over, kneeling and lifting heavy materials can negatively impact your entire musculoskeletal system. To lessen the risk of injury, do not lift heavy objects on your own, raise your work area to a comfortable height and take a short break to stretch when you begin to experience tiredness in your muscle groups.
  4. Damaged eyesight: If you do not wear your shield helmet with side shields or at least protective OSHA approved goggles, you risk serious injury to your eyesight from repeated instances of flash burn. Always wear protective eyewear that is in top condition.
  5. Burns and cuts: Working with a welder and molten hot metals magnifies your risk of burns. Additionally, the sharp edges of cut metal can easily slice your skin. Be certain you wear gloves and fully cover your body with protective clothing.

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