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A welder’s hands and eyes are critical to producing quality welds that pass visual and nondestructive weld examinations. However, that does not mean someone with less than 20/20 vision cannot effectively weld or prepare materials for welding processes. In fact, there are many welders with poor eyesight who are considered great assets to their employers. As with any other skill, corrective measures can go a long way in mitigating imperfect vision depending upon the cause of the poor eyesight, such as corrective lens, dietary adjustments and eye surgery.

Here are 4 simple adjustments that welders with poor eyesight should make to ensure they consistently perform as efficient welders who produce high quality welds:

  1. Always wear an auto darkening welding helmet with reading glasses lens. These helmets adjust to changes in light which decreases the need for lifting and dropping the helmet visor. Thus, these helmets decrease the chance that you will risk flash burn or further eye damage by welding without your helmet lid closed. Additionally, the reading glasses lens, also known as magnifier lens, which takes into account those individuals needing assistance with their visual acuity. If you have a difficult time seeing when you lift the helmet visor, you can try a combination of reading glasses underneath an auto darkening helmet.
  2. Adhere to safety procedures. Every employee in a shop should follow the safety protocols for keeping themselves and their coworkers safe regardless of their level of eyesight or clear vision.
  3. Trust your experience and skill set. If you recently began having eyesight or vision trouble, you may be apprehensive about the quality of your work. As you implement corrective measures for improving your eyesight, take your time and have confidence that you possess the skills necessary to continue your quality welding career as you have always done.

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