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Offsite Welding Training | Employment Solutions Staffing  Agency in ColoradoIn today’s job market in which many manufacturing companies cite a “skills gap,” it is imperative that companies offer training opportunities to current employees and worthy candidates that may lack certain skills, but demonstrate a solid work ethic. Also, due to the increasing need for skilled welders and fabricators, job seekers should complete additional training to increase their level of proficiency and quality of work to increase the amount of CO welding jobs available to them.

Investing in your employee’s training or your own training holds many workplace benefits. Here are 4 offsite training benefits that demonstrate why it pays to invest in continued education:

  1. Learn new techniques for standard equipment, materials and welding processes. Working in a safe environment with standard equipment and materials with tried welding processes allows new techniques to be explored and perfected without the concern of damaging company equipment or personal equipment.
  2. Gain exposure to technologically-advanced equipment, materials and welding processes. As the manufacturing industry is constantly evolving, it is advantageous to be familiar with the latest innovations to ensure that you as a prospective employee or your company’s employees are poised to change with the industry as it continues to grow.
  3. Incite confidence. Whether you are sending your employees for offsite training or participating in a program on your own, the knowledge and skills gained will endow the trainee with a high degree of confidence in the workplace, which will increase efficiency without sacrificing quality.
  4. Send the right message. If you are an employer providing offsite training to employees, it shows you care about the future of your employees and your company by providing opportunities for your team to perfect their trade and create a sense of workplace camaraderie. If you are a job seeker looking to increase your value as an employee, engaging in one or more offsite training programs sends the message to prospective employers that you are willing to do whatever it takes to qualify for a position with a top company.

Find Colorado Welding Jobs with Employment Solutions

At Employment Solutions, our team of employment specialists is eager to provide you with the resources you need to either find qualified employees or elevate your own skill set to add to your standing as a valued employee. Contact Employment Solutions today by calling(877) 880-4473 to discover how we can assist you with navigating the current  job market to either find great help or a great welding career in Colorado.