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The art of welding versus welding art may seem to be two different aspects of welding and its applications. Yet, in fact, an artistic welder must understand the intricacies of the art of welding in order to weld art. From the various techniques to the different processes for welders and materials alike, the art of welding is not only a blurring of lines between proficiency and creativity, but it is also the avenue to a perfected trade.

Tradesman, like welders, who take their work home with them and create pieces of art using the skills they use during their “day job,” will tell you that the art of welding is achieved over time. They first had to learn how to expertly use equipment and then study and practice the methods to succeed in the workplace before truly mastering the art of welding. Welding and fabrication skills can be taught, but appreciating the art of welding comes with experience and time. If you are interested in the artistic applications of welding, you must first conquer the basics of the trade in order to bend the rules of welding and fabrication to shape and invent your own unique creations. Welding is a trade, but also an art form to those who recognize the complexity and value behind its everyday uses.

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