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Robot Welding | Manufacturing Jobs in DenverAcross the globe, it is speculated that the demand for robotic welding for product manufacturing is on a steady rise and set to reach astronomical numbers by 2020. Companies based in China, India, Africa, and the Middle East will see the largest growth of robotic welding as the obvious benefits of automation and semi-automation are widely becoming apparent.

In March of 2015, Frost and Sullivan released a report explaining the role that robotic welding will play in the future of manufacturing. With a projected increase from $2.44 billion in earned revenues reported in the robotic welding in 2014 to $3.88 billion in 2020, robotics will take center stage in the welding industry throughout many regions of the world. This newfound interest in robotic welding is being stimulated by a business strategy that seeks to increase profit margins and decrease expenditures by cutting back on workforce numbers and revving up round-the-clock production while simultaneously boosting quality level through consistent and predictable manufacturing from one product to the next. In North America and Europe, there is also reported to a growing, yet more modest interest in robotic welding as companies seek ways to make manufacturing jobs more efficient.

How Will Robotic Welding Affect the Future for Human Welders?

Many welders are concerned when they hear news of increasing reliance on robotic welding, which is a valid concern for welders that work in the automotive, transportation, electronics, large-scale construction and heavy machinery. As countries turn to technological advances in manufacturing as a way to raise revenues and/or manage energy output, welders will need to expand their skillset and become combination welders that can work on the robots that took over their jobs in major corporations. The good news for the typical welder is that these robots are a sizable investment, which the average small to medium-sized company cannot afford with a moderate amount of available capital. There are also some larger manufacturing companies that may not be prepared to absorb the cost of associated with transitioning to robotic welding.

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