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The Future of Welding | Employment Solutions Staffing AgencyAsk any professional welder and he/she will tell you that welding is an art form that is cultivated and perfected over the life of one’s career. New welders shouldn’t be easily discouraged if their beads aren’t visually-pleasing or they have to repeatedly grind out their work and start again.

To get a jumpstart on mastering your trade, here are 5 quick tips for new welders:

  1. Always protect yourself and your coworkers from accidents and injury. Never weld without protecting your eyes, head, hair and skin. Wearing an approved helmet with side shields is mandatory when welding. When you are not welding, be sure to wear goggles to protect your eyes from grinding dust. Additionally, before you begin working, verify that the ventilation and exhaust fans in your area are functioning properly to safeguard yourself and those working around you from toxic fumes and gases.
  2. Be friendly with your coworkers and eager to learn from those who have extensive experience in the field of welding.
  3. Understand how to effectively operate and maintain your equipment. If you do not understand the basics of your welder or neglect your equipment, your beads will never look clean and most likely will not get good penetration.
  4. Prepare materials prior to welding. The materials to be welded must be adequately grinded, cleaned and free of debris to ensure your work passes inspection.
  5. Seek certifications that are recommended by your employer. If your employer suggests that you obtain a particular certification, get it done as soon as possible to demonstrate your commitment to your job.

Jobs for New Welders in Colorado

To get ahead in welding, you must continually strive to improve the quality and look of your welds and your fabrication skills. Additionally, you should set your goals on becoming a combination welder to increase your value as an employee. At Employment Solutions, our employment specialists understand what it takes to succeed in the manufacturing industry. Contact our friendly and informative staff today to discover how we can help you determine the best route to achieving your career goals.