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With an increasing number of military veterans in the workforce whom are unemployed, the welding industry took notice and extended a warm welcome to these hometown patriots. As the need steadily rises for more skilled employees in the field of welding, veterans are an excellent source to fill that workforce as they have received lengthy training on the exemplifying the values of self-discipline, dependability and teamwork ethic.

The United Association, which is a union that provides services to welders, works closely with Hiring Our Heroes and the Hobart Institute of Welding to keep veterans apprised of educational and employment opportunities. These organizations assist veterans in obtaining and financing the education needed to qualify for welding positions with reputable companies that offer competitive pay and benefits. Greatly due to the outreach effort known as Veterans to Welders led by Scott Mazzula, President of Hobart Institute of Welding Technology, military veterans now have the opportunity to become skilled tradesman with highly sought-after specializations based on current industry needs and the ability to obtain long-term careers as combination welders.

Military Welding Careers | Colorado | Employment SolutionsWelding Careers for Veterans in Colorado

In addition to those organizations, Employment Solutions also caters to military veterans looking for guidance on where to gain the proper education and certification to become employed in the field of welding. Once a military veteran client is ready to begin the application process, the employment specialists of Employment Solutions provides the applicant with an extensive job database which includes an abundance of available manufacturing positions. Then, our experts assist with resume and cover letter creation and prepare the client to excel in the interview stage. Being a veteran and looking for a new career in the field of welding has never been easier with these helpful resources. Schedule your initial consultation today to discover how our team of professionals can lead you to landing a stable and exciting job as a welder.