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MIG Welding Careers in Colorado | Denver, COThe welding process known as metal inert gas (MIG) welding or gas metal arc Welding (GMAW) uses a consumable wire electrode that melts within the arc and forms the filler material. It is a common welding process due to its versatility in joining different metals and alloys in various positions. However, contamination of welds and poor penetration are two signs that you need to address your MIG welding skills and/or check your equipment. Whether you are a beginning your MIG welding career or you are an experienced MIG welder, you can benefit from following these 10 helpful MIG welding tips to perfect the quality and consistency of your welds:

  1. Use copper ground clamps as steel-plated clamps are generally insufficient.
  2. Routinely clean your gun nozzle or you will pollute your weld puddle.
  3. Keep cables straight or your wires may become contorted.
  4. Replace the contact tip when it’s showing signs of wear and clean the contact tip periodically.
  5. Set a proper distance from the contact tip to the arc to avoid it burying or sticking out too far.
  6. Use proper wire size for superior welds.
  7. Check driver rollers and adjust as needed.
  8. Always MIG weld with both hands to steady the gun.
  9. Perfect and adjust your welding technique to suit the material, such as uphill welding at 18 volts for steel with gaps over ¼.
  10. Purchase the proper safety equipment, including goatskin gloves to allow for flexibility and an auto-darkening welding helmet to avoid shifting your torch after nodding your helmet.

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