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Skills Gap in Welding | Colorado Welding JobsThe answer to whether there is a “skills gap” in the US depends on who you ask. Companies struggling to find employees that match their stringent candidate requirements will emphatically state there is a skills gap, which is affecting their ability to connect with properly trained and experienced employees. However, employment analysts disagree that a skills gap exists across the board on the national level in the US. Where these analysts see a skills gap present is on national and/or regional level for certain industries, such as welding.

Why is There a Skills Gap in Welding?

The skilled welders that currently make up the bulk of the labor force in the manufacturing industry are nearing retirement within the next 5 years. Due to the cancellation of shop classes in many high schools across the nation, less students entering the workforce are acquainted with the manufacturing industry and, thus, do not hold basic shop skills upon which to build, such as working with a lathe or learning how to read a ruler. The lack of early introduction to manufacturing is only one piece to the problem. Businesses are narrowing down the bulk of employees hired in favor of those who already hold extensive experience. This cramped definition of what is means to be qualified for employment is becoming true for even entry level positions. Sadly, the pay rate that is being offered by these businesses is not acceptable to an individual whom has background working in a shop or industrial setting, which is making it impossible to find employees that fit into their candidate profiles within the hiring company’s specified pay range.

How to Close the Skills Gap in Welding

Businesses need to work with local high schools and community colleges to encourage and support the development of manufacturing programs, which train individuals for Colorado welding careers. Additionally, businesses must be willing to provide some level of on-the-job training to fill the skills gap of candidates who demonstrate the potential to develop into highly skilled workers.

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