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The International Brazing and Soldering Conference of 2015 is set to take place at the Hilton in Long Beach, CA, from April 19-22, 2015. During this all-encompassing conference, those involved in the IBSC community come together to discuss everything related to brazing and soldering and network with fellow tradesman, scientists and engineers. Over the course of the three-day conference, attendees will be afforded the opportunities of learning about the latest in advancements of techniques and equipment, specifics of technical programming and innovative educational seminars that cover a wide array of topics.

Throughout the event schedule, esteemed speakers from around the world explain their findings and the processes behind their ground-breaking work. From the fundamentals of brazing to solder joining technologies, attendees will gain in-depth knowledge on the best practices behind these joining processes and the exciting future of where brazing and soldering is headed through educational sessions, such as “Brazing Quality as a Function of Brazing Parameters and Environment” and “A Novel Method of Managing Joint Stress, in a Metallic Bond Made Using Reactive Multilayer Foils, at a User Selected Temperature.” For the more advanced processes and technologies, courses are offered to attendees that cover an expansive breadth of topics, including the following courses: “Formation of Interfacial – Reaction between Sn-Ag-Cu Solder and Cu Substrate by Microwave Hybrid Heating;” “Electron Beam Weld-Brazing of Aluminum to copper: Mechanical Properties and their Relation to Microstructure;” and “Wide-Gap Braze Repairs on Nickel Super Alloy Gas Turbine Components.”

In addition to the exciting discussions on where joining techniques are headed, there are courses and exhibits that address corrosion and joint reliability that relate to the environment, such as: “Metal Leaching of Brazed Stainless Steel Joints into Drinking Water;” “Corrosion of a-Al203/Ag-Cu-Ti/STS Brazed Joints by Molten Sodium for Sodium Sulfur Batteries;” and “Study of Atmospheric Corrosion by Urban Pollutants on Refrigeration System Silver Brazed Joints.”

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This conference provides those in the industry with the opportunity to educate, learn, exchange and incite new ideas that will take root and propel industry leaders to create advanced technologies on the cusp of development. If you are looking to secure a position that requires brazing and soldering as part of your job description, you should attend this event to get a head start. At Employment Solutions, our helpful, informative staff can direct you toward many avenues of learning and education that can prepare you for the job of your dreams.