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congressThe manufacturing industry and manufacturing companies alike have been waiting for Congress to pass a bill known as the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI) based on the Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation Act (RAMI). The bill was created as a way to introduce innovative manufacturing technologies to manufacturing companies in order to incite an interest in advanced technologically-advanced manufacturing in the U.S. and increase the country’s overall global competitiveness in the manufacturing sector. With this bill, there is a plan to build many institutes that will bring together the public and private sectors to advance the manufacturing industry and supply manufacturing companies with avenues to incorporate cutting edge technology into their operations.

Global economies have embraced the high rate of return in successfully melding manufacturing, research, innovation and commercialization of products. In the U.S., the NNMI manufacturing research centers will provide those companies involved in the manufacturing industry with substantial resources to expand the technologies and processes that are being employed to create products of all types. Advanced manufacturing that is supported by these institutes and set to serve small to large businesses will allow the manufacturing industry to realize greater leaps in innovation, invention and competition while accessing the wide pool of manufacturing experts whom are leading this noble endeavor.

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