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Preparing for a job interview can be daunting, if you don’t know what to expect. Fortunately, a structural welder interview is a predictable process with a short face-to-face interview, a welding test and, under certain circumstances, a cutting test. To be certain you arrive ready for the interview, follow these 4 tips to ensure you are prepared for your structural welder interview:

  1. Present a clean, professional appearance. Dress on the business-casual side, as you will need to put your overalls on over your interview outfit for the performance testing.
  2. Bring your tools, overalls, gloves and anything else you would normally need for daily work as a welder. Of course, you do not need to bring your entire toolbox stacks; just enough to successfully complete a vertical 3G welding test with one or more types of welders.
  3. Arrive 5 minutes early and be prepared to speak about your past welding experience. Being late to an interview is one of the worst mistakes a prospective employee can make, so plan to arrive early to demonstrate that you are eager to gain the position. Along with being punctual, you must be ready to answer questions about your welding experience, as well as provide specific details about past positions you have held.
  4. Be ready to complete welding and cutting tests. This means having your tools with you and being honest about whether you are familiar with the equipment you are being tested on. For instance, you can attempt to complete a 3G vertical Flux Cored welding test with having little experience working with that type of welder. However, for an interviewer to accurately assess your ability as a structural welder, it is important to highlight the equipment with which you are most familiar, so you will have an opportunity to demonstrate your true skill level.

Preparing for Your Structural Welding Interview

To prepare for structural welder interview, you should arrive prepared to be assessed on your readiness to work, appearance, past work experience and current skill level. Keeping these aspects in mind will help you successfully prepare for and complete your interview. If you do not perform as well as expected on the tests, take time to communicate to the interviewer why you feel you would perform better on the job.

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