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As an experienced welder, you may be ready to seek employment as a lead fabricator, also known as a lead welder, to boost your earnings and status in the field. While the duties associated with being a lead fabricator varies greatly depending on the hiring company, you may already possess the skillset needed to successfully meet the demands of a senior position.

Here is an exhaustive list of job responsibilities and requirements you may encounter as a lead fabricator, which may help guide you in determining whether it’s time to seek advancement in your trade:

  • Possess an extensive background in welding/fabricating that spans several years demonstrating a utilization of various methods on a variety of materials
  • Hold a current specialized certification or journeyman license
  • Certified in fork lift use
  • Conduct interviews and testing with potential employees
  • Train new employees
  • Verify time sheets
  • Enforce safety policies
  • Verify all employees possess necessary safety equipment
  • Meet with project managers to understand what is required for a specific project and transfer the project to the shop floor
  • Read and interpret blueprints, schematics and related engineering documents, including weld symbol designations
  • Manage and evaluate the employees’ performance in the execution of the project
  • Ensure strict adherence to the project deadline
  • Maintain paperwork and checklists tracking the course of the project
  • Inspect welds visually, mechanically and, in some cases, via x-ray

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When you are deciding whether to seek employment as a lead fabricator, it is helpful to conduct a thorough search of currently available positions. By reading the job requirements outlined in each employment ad, you may find one for which you are qualified. If you do not yet possess the experience needed to gain a lead fabricator position, it is a good idea to understand how to direct your future training and career goals, so that you may one day apply for your dream job.

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