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Structural Welding Jobs in Colorado | Employment Solutions | ColoradoStructural welding is needed to maintain the integrity of complex structures that rely on precisely placed welds in order to safely support the weight and design of the structure. Some of the structures that commonly require structural welding include telecommunication towers, commercial and residential buildings, and bridges.

Structural Welders

Structural welders must be well versed in several general tasks related to their job as a welder regardless of which type of structural welder under which they fall.

  • Must understand how to read blueprints to interpret where the structural engineer recommends reinforcement
  • Adequately operate and maintain welding equipment and tools
  • Practice safety while welding and wear all appropriate safety gear
  • Weld in many, if not all, possible bodily positions to complete horizontal and vertical welds at any angle

Different types of structural welders will have additional tasks of which they will be expected to perform in an efficient manner. To understand what a structural welding job will entail, it’s important to be familiar with the types of structural welder jobs you may come across during a job search. Types of structural welder jobs include:

  • Industrial: Components welded for industrial uses typically performed within a manufacturing shop and/or on-site.
  • Pipe: Gas and liquid pipes welded most often out in the field with travel commonly required for pipeline work.
  • Marine: Ship building and ship repairs welded out in the field while onboard of a ship.

When considering the type of structural welder job that appeals to you, it’s wise to decide whether you are open travelling and if the job provides you with sufficient compensation in relation your skill level. Additionally, you must be aware of whether you have the ability to weld the type of materials required for the job.

If you do not have previous experience with the materials, equipment or outlined tasks required, express your interest in gaining knowledge while on the job. Some positions will welcome the opportunity to train a welder on the specifics of a job to ensure the welding will meet their expectations.

Welding Jobs with Employment Solutions

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