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Find Colorado Welding Careers | Employment Solutions | (877) 880-4473With an estimated 50% of U.S. products requiring welding for manufacturing, there are various applications that open many doors for welders. The wide world of welding careers is exceedingly more vast than those in the industry may realize, which expands the opportunities for welders beyond the local manufacturing shop.

  • Oil rigs: Give your nautical side what it desires with a career as a welder on an oil rig. Stationed out in the ocean, welders perform a multitude of welding and fabrication tasks to ensure you never get bored.
  • Underwater welding: For a certified diver whom is also a welder, there is a career as an underwater welder that hones your expert skills in both of these areas.
  • Race cars: Whether your preference is NASCAR or IndyCar, a precision welder is required to manufacture the vehicle’s parts within the strict regulations set by the governing sporting authority. With estimates 950 hours spent welding on NASCAR’s race cars, the highly skilled welder might seek employment in that high-octane environment.
  • Robots: The robots used for construction in a wide array of industries require welders to be on-site to maintain and repair the robotics involved in modern manufacturing.
  • Military support welders: For those welders interested in an exceptionally high salary, a military support welder position might be the answer. Though, this position does require travel abroad to areas that may be unsafe and categorized as “war zones.”
  • NASA: A highly skilled and experienced welder may seek a position as a welder for NASA. While greatly sought-after and very difficult to get, a position with NASA allows the welder to assist in building and maintaining space exploration vehicles
  • Large Hadron Collider: With over 17 miles of tunnel, many welders are needed to maintain the integrity of the collider, which is the largest single machine in the world. However, since it is located near Geneva, relocation would be necessary.

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