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Lead Fabricator jobs in Colorado | Employment Solutions Staffing Agency  |  (877) 880-4473A lead fabricator assumes risks when accepting a management role in the shop or on-site. The lead fabricator is responsible for overseeing the execution of a manufacturing project based on the specifications provided by the company.

In order to successfully execute the project, the lead fabricator must ensure the employees produce quality products that pass inspection, while meeting the project deadline. If you are employed as a lead fabricator and your team of fabricators cannot consistently meet deadlines, you will be held accountable.

Lead Fabricator Jobs in Colorado

There are certain risks you accept when you choose to become a lead fabricator, such as:

  • Being held responsible for meeting project deadlines
  • Guaranteeing adherence to the project’s blueprints
  • Ensuring the fabricated products pass visual and mechanical inspections
  • Recommending employees for termination due to routinely poor performance
  • Ensuring that safety procedures are being followed by employees
  • In the event of an injury, a lead fabricator may be held responsible if proper safety procedures and precautions are not taken to safeguard the employees from injury or harm
  • Maintaining equipment to confirm its safety and reliability for use by employees

While these risks are manageable, there is a greater risk you will face. As with any type of management position, your performance will be regularly reviewed based on the performance and productivity of your employees. If your team is unable to meet deadlines or produce quality products in an efficient manner, you may be terminated in favor of a fabricator that shows more promise in being a leader amongst the other employees.

Employment Solutions Staffing Agency

Moving up in your industry can be intimidating, if you are not prepared to take a leadership role. If you dream of becoming a lead fabricator, you must be dedicated to being an effective supervisor that takes control of a project, solves last minute problems with little input, directs the employees and leads them to a project’s completion with time to spare.

At Employment Solutions, our expert employment specialists can guide you through examining whether you are ready to become a lead fabricator, as well as undertake the risks associated with the position. Schedule and appointment today to discover exciting careers near you.