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Resume Tips for Underwater Welders | Employment SolutionsUnderwater welding jobs are adventurous and high in-demand. While these jobs are in abundance, many job applicants will make the same resume mistakes that keep them all unemployed.

What resume mistakes are you making? Find entry level welding jobs in Colorado by avoiding the mistakes below!

The Top 5 Underwater Welding Diver Resume Mistakes

1. Not Personalizing Your Resume

Employers want applicants to spend time creating a resume. While it may seem like a smart choice to send out resume after resume, not personalizing your resume to the company you’re applying with is a major mistake.

Generic resumes go unnoticed.

Instead, you want to aim to impress the person picking up your resume by:

  • Personalizing the greeting. “To whom it may concern” will not grab the recruiter’s attention. Call the company and ask who will be viewing your resume to accurately address them in your resume.
  • Customize your resume to the company. Research the company to determine what their past jobs included and who they work with on a continual basis. This will allow you to tailor your resume to grab the reader’s attention.

2. Career Responsibilities

Boasting about achievements you’ve made as a welder isn’t going to benefit you. Instead, the employer wants to know your responsibilities leading up to an achievement.

For example,

“Worked on an underwater team for 3 years.”

This does not tell the employer much about your responsibilities – how you can help their company succeed. Instead, replace the above sentence with:

“Managed a team for 3 years that was tasked with the job of repairing offshore oil rigs in murky water.”

This phrase can still be altered more, but it hits on your strong points and elaborates more on your responsibilities instead of just harping on your achievements.

3. Adding too Much “Fluff”

How long is your resume? You want to aim for a length of just 1 page for the entire resume. This will allow the person in charge of hiring to glance over your resume quickly. It’s best to be able to add all of the important details with as little “filler” information as possible.

Information or experience that is not field-related can be omitted when length is an issue.

Remember, you want your resume to pop so that employers call you in for an interview. Add in the most relevant experience and work history first to grab the attention of the reader at the very start of the resume.

4. Not Editing Your Resume

It should go without saying, but you need to read over and edit your resume. If a potential employer sees common spelling mistakes and easily identifiable errors in your resume, it will reflect poorly on you.

You don’t need to be a professional writer, but you do need to use correct punctuation and spelling.

  • All sentences begin with capital letters.
  • Do not abbreviate words.
  • Do not use slang.

Make sure all of your formatting matches and all of the text is aligned in the same manner.

5. Never Add Fake Experience

There was a time when people would apply for welding jobs and add a lot of fake information to make them more likely to get the job. Now, this tactic will not work. There are companies performing reference and background checks to verify your resume credentials.

If you’re adding in fake experience or information, you’re lowering your chances of being hired.

Lies can and will be found out – even after you’ve been hired.

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