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Home Improvements with Welding  | Employment SolutionsWelding has many applications from building bridges to reinforcing weight-bearing structures. While industrial applications are the most common utilization of welding, there are other helpful uses of welding, such as those related to the home. Making home improvements with welding is an untapped resource for many homeowners that can increase the beauty and value of homes.

Here are 4 ways in which welding can improve the look of a home:

  1. Movable décor: There are many items that can be built by art of welding, such as monogrammed letters, wall art in a variety of shapes, planters, tables, chairs and various pieces of outdoor furniture and garden art.  Each of these metal pieces can be left in its raw state for a dramatic effect or powder-coated in any shade that matches the color scheme of a home.
  2. Handrails: The handrail of the staircase within a home can be crafted from metals that are twisted and carefully welded together to give it a modern, updated look. Additionally, any handrails outside of the home can also be replaced with metal for a long-term, durable alternative to wood.
  3. Staircase: While replacing an entire staircase within a home is a hefty endeavor, it can be undertaken to replace deteriorated wooden planks or to simply change the overall look of the home’s interior. Moreover, homes that require handicapped access can greatly benefit from the structures built by welding metal to certain specifications.
  4. Porch: The porch of a home typically has decorative, non-load bearing columns that can be replaced with decorative metal designs uniquely created for each home. Also, for a larger project, an entire porch can be built in whole with welded materials or certain portions can be replaced to improve durability of the structure.

These are a few examples of the many home improvements that can be made with welding. If you are a welder seeking employment in the home improvement industry contact the Employment Solutions specialists today who are eager to assist you with finding a position that includes your interests.