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Colorado Welding Jobs | Employment Solutiosn | (877) 880-4473Every trade has its time-tested techniques that make it a cinch to master the processes of your trade. If you are thinking of applying for an entry level position as a pipefitter or a pipefitter apprenticeship, it would benefit you to first understand the most important techniques of pipefitting that will help you in the field.

Pipfitter Techniques

  • Have the right tools for the job. As a pipefitter, you will be conducting various measurements as part of your job. It is imperative that you have the measurement tools on hand to calculate where to make your cuts. Without a square, it will be difficult determine the proper placement for your vertical and horizontal lines. Additionally, you must have the appropriate cutting tools for the material you will be using and always have Teflon tape in your tool belt.
  • Measure twice; cut once. This allows you to check your initial measurements for miscalculations.
  • Know your material.
    • Steel pipe can be joined by welding, mechanical coupling or threading.
    • Different types of copper can be joined various ways, such as using compression, crimping, flare, or soldering.
    • Aluminum piping can be connected by welding, flare or compression fittings.
    • Glass pipes are typically fitted using gasket or o-ring fittings.
    • Plastic pipes can be connected with compression fittings or PVC cement.
  • Test the fit before permanently fitting the pipe to ensure your angles are correct.
  • Be open to listening to another pipefitter’s suggestion on how to efficiently complete a task.

Welding Careers in Colorado

In addition to the techniques mentioned above, you will learn tricks of the trade from your fellow coworkers on the job. Being an eager student of pipefitting will allow you to broaden your mastery of the trade. If you are searching for a pipefitting position, Employment Solutions can assist you with your job search. Contact one of our employment specialists today to discover how you can benefit from our assistance.