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The ever-increasing demand for energy by our growing population requires that industries of all types perform specific steps to decrease its energy consumption and waste. Environmentally-friendly welding operations can be achieved by implementing a few simple steps. Here are 3 approaches on how to reduce energy consumption while welding:

  1. Monitoring systems: Several types of monitoring systems have been developed that track the efficiency and safety of equipment and production. To ensure the shop’s welders are operating within safety guidelines and optimized for effective production, the heat input and voltage must be tracked at all times to reduce wasteful energy usage and safeguard the facility and its employees from preventable accidents. Additionally, this type of monitoring can also be used to assess each employee’s performance when welding.
  2. Replacement of equipment: When equipment is reaching the 5 year mark, it is time to consider replacement to ensure energy efficiency and safety standards are being met. At the time of replacement, there may be equipment that is much more energy efficient than what was originally purchased due to advancements in manufacturing. While upgrading may be more expensive at the onset, it will save on operating expenses and protect the environment in the long-run.
  3. Equipment maintenance: A welder must be properly maintained to prolong the life of the welder, improve the quality of welds and safeguard the operator from injury. To maintain a welder, routine inspections must be performed that include checking the following: power source; wire feeders; gun and liner assembly; electrode and holders; connector; cables; interlocks and circuit breakers.
  4. Upgrade the power source: Inverter-based welder power sources increase energy efficiency, power output and improve welds. Specific benefits of implementing inverter technology include cleaner, more structurally sound beads, faster arc response and protection from voltage spikes that damage equipment.

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