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High Paying Welding Careers in Colorado | Employment Solutions | Colorado Staffing AgencyWhile current estimates in the U.S. indicate that the average manufacturing job salary is around $50,000, you may wonder where that leaves the salary of welders. Due to the may applications of welding, the salary for a welder depends on the work being done. Additionally, salaries vary geographically for identical jobs. However, if you are eager to earn top pay as a welder, here are 4 high paying welding careers that will compensate you the most for your trade:

  1. Military support welder: This position requires you to travel to areas that may experience combat, which heightens the risk associated with this job and, consequently, raises the salary base. A military welder can earn $160,000 per year or more with additional monetary benefits outlined in the employment contract. The tasks of this position typically focus on repairing military equipment and vehicles, which is a cinch for an experienced welder.
  2. Underwater welder: If you have your scuba certification that includes many hours at varying depths, you might consider this extraordinarily high paying welding position which pays on average $200,000 per year. However, to qualify as an underwater welder, you must complete educational training that can cost quite a bit upfront and this high paying job will be located on an oil rig, which requires living at sea for an extended period of time.
  3. Race car welder: While the job pickings are slim, you can rest assured that if you are fast enough, produce quality welds and excel at fabrication, you can earn a competitive pay year round with top salaries around $60,000 per year plus bonuses.
  4. Pipeline welders: Depending on where the pipeline is located, a pipeline welder may make as little as $50,000 per year to over $100,000 per year. The salary of this position is based on the location of the work, the company that is hiring and the skill set of the prospective employee.

Welding Careers in Colorado

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