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In today’s competitive employment market, you must learn how to balance speed and quality in your productivity, particularly when you are employed in the welding industry. Welders are increasingly being expected to meet project deadlines on-time with a high quality of workmanship evident by visual and mechanical inspection of the product. Unlike other types of materials, metals and alloys require a great deal of time and effort to correct any mistakes made during the manufacturing process. To find a good balance between efficiency and quality, you must complete your jobs successfully the first time around.

4 Tips to Balancing Speed and Quality as a Welder

  1. Always have the proper tools and perform maintenance on your welders and accompanying equipment. Search around the shop to borrow someone else’s tools or equipment will drastically impact how fast you will be able to complete a job. Additionally, if your welder is not maintained properly, it will not be able to run a consistent bead that will cover and penetrate the crevices necessary for a superior weld.
  2. Thoroughly read the blueprints to understand the specifications of the project. If you misread the blueprints, your product will need to be scrapped and started again.
  3. Measure twice; cut once. Many welders spend a great deal of time measuring before cutting. If you have a helper that will cut your materials for you, be sure that you and your helper follow this rule to keep the project moving.
  4. Be trained as a combination welder. A combination welder can operate many, if not all, types of welders and weld any type of material needed. Frequently, welding shops with multiple materials that must be welded by different techniques. If you are a combination welder, you will produce high quality work without the need to obtain on-the-job training.

Consistent, high quality work produced by an efficient welder is highly sought-after by all manufacturing companies and adds to your value as a potential employee. Be sure to remain calm during your welding test to prove you have the skills necessary to complete any tasks needed and have successfully balanced the art of speed and quality in welding.

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