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BWelding Safety Tips | Colorado | Employment Solutionseing a welder can be a highly dangerous job if proper safety precautions are not taken. Not only can you as the welder be injured, but others around you can be injured as well.

To reduce the likelihood that you and/or others injured while you are completing your projects as a welder, here are 6 things to avoid when welding:

  1. Faulty safety equipment: According to OSHA regulations, every welder must follow safety protocols, including wearing protective equipment. Your personal protective equipment that should be regularly checked for deterioration includes: gloves; ear plugs; approved helmet with side shields; and appropriate cotton and/or leather clothing covering your body; and leather boots with steel toes.
  2. Faulty equipment: Always maintain and inspect your equipment for dangerous and hazardous malfunctions, such as defective cables and leaks, such as from the oxygen tank.
  3. Messy work area: If your work area is crowded with pieces of cut metal, various equipment and tools, there is an increased risk for injury for yourself and those that will inspect your work. Additionally, if you have clothing, paper products, oil, any type of gas or solvents near your work area, sparks can shoot outward hitting any one of these flammable materials and ignite a fire, which may lead to an explosion.
  4. Breathing in fumes: Be certain to adequately prepare the metal prior to welding and check to see that the ventilation and exhaust fans in your area are functioning properly.
  5. Electric shock: When welding, there is the possibility of electric shock from the arc welding circuit or a “hot” welder. Make sure your clothing and gloves are always dry and never touch the electrode or parts of the electrode or a welder that is turned on with your skin or clothing.
  6. Overly fatigued: Being a welder demands a rested and alert mind in order to perform quality work and keep yourself and others safe from possible accidents and explosions. Always obtain sound sleep, eat healthy and take the recommended breaks suggested by your employer.

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