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Pipe Welding Jobs in CO | Employment Solutions |  (877) 880-4473When searching for a pipe welder job, it is paramount to understand the types of skills you will be required to possess prior to securing the job. If you are familiar with what tasks the job entails, you can highlight your applicable skills and past experience in your resume and cover letter, which relate to that particular job.

Skilled Pipe Welders

To add an additional layer of sophistication to your application materials, it is helpful to understand the 6 qualities of highly skilled pipe welders that are favored by employers and also demonstrate how you possess those qualities in your application materials.

  1. Thorough understanding of how to read blueprints and apply it to the manufacturing process
  2. Experience in all or some of the following welding processes which qualify the individual as a combination welder: MIG, TIG, Stick, Flux Cored Wire Welding, Submerged Arc Welding, oxygen/acetylene flame cutting and carbon arc gouging
  3. A highly developed skill for understanding how and where to place a bead, proper penetration and cover depending on the type of material and welding process used
  4. Ability to weld in a variety of bodily positions to complement the angle of the material
  5. Efficiency in producing welds that pass visual, mechanical and x-ray inspections
  6. Be a certified welder or willing to be obtain certification

As with any job, it is recommended that you possess an adequate amount of skill and experience to qualify for a pipe welder position that is calling for highly skilled professionals. If you feel that you may not have the background needed to secure the position, you can still apply for the job, while noting in your cover letter that you are eager to gain any additional experience required to successfully perform the requirements of the job in an efficient manner.

Pipe Welder Jobs in Colorado

At Employment Solutions, our experienced specialists can assist you with fine-tuning your cover letter and resume to give you the best possible chances of obtaining an interview and possible employment. Don’t hesitate to contact us today and discover the many services that we provide which will help you get the job you deserve.