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YWelding Facts | Colorado Welding Staffing Agency | Employment Solutionsou may be working as welder or considering beginning a new career in the exciting world of welding, but chances are you don’t everything there is to know about this industry.

Here are 12 welding facts you didn’t know:

  1. The earliest recorded welding took place over 5,000 years ago, which has been proven by discovery of welded gold boxes and hieroglyphics drawn on ancient Egyptian tombs.
  2. Sir Humphrey Davy invented the first tool that produced an arc between carbon electrodes in 1800. Even more impressive is that this tool was battery operated!
  3. In 1836, Edmund Davy uncovered the application of acetylene, which was quickly adopted by welders for the purposes of creating metal tools.
  4. Two records are held for extreme depths of underwater wet and dry welding. The astounding depth achieved by the U.S. Navy in 2005 for wet welding was set in 2005 at 2,000 ft. Prior to the record set by the U.S. Navy, Global Industries set the record for underwater dry welding in 1990 for a depth of 1,075 ft.
  5. Many U.S. products, as high as 50%, require welding for manufacturing, such as bridges, residential and commercial buildings, ships, oil rigs, and even cell phones.
  6. In October of 1969, Russian cosmonauts were the first to attempt the process of welding in space.
  7. In the race to build more cars faster than its competitors, General Motors built a motorized arm in 1961 that performed efficient spot welding.
  8. Race cars of all types require precision fabrication and welding to ensure the vehicle meets governing regulations, such as with NASCAR and IndyCar. Quoted estimates set the time spent on welding at 950 hours per each NASCAR race car.
  9. The American Welding Society (AWS) was created in 1919 by Comfort Avery Adams to promote the awareness, discovery and advancement of welding processes. Years later, it also sought to establish safety practices for welders.
  10. Ultrasonic welding is used to join thermoplastic polymers through heat generated by sound. The first plastic car manufactured using this innovative technique took place in 1969.
  11. In space, pieces of uncoated metal that touch together become immediately fused.
  12. Explosion welding, also known as explosion cladding, can join together different types of metals by the use of explosives.

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